Sanborn Regional High School Key Club
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Member of the New England & Bermuda District of Key Club International
We are a Student-led community action group
Key Club Pledge
I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Key Club International;
To build my home, school and community;
To serve my nation and god; and
To combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

Meetings: Mondays
Time: 2:15pm
Where: SRHS Library
All are invited to join!
Dues: $11.00
See a Key club officer
or Advisor for details



President- Josh McLellan
Vice-President- Kylie Grenier
Secretary- Koran Sherman
Treasurer- Kayla Metiver
Bulletin Editor- Avery Scully

Advisor- Michelle Karcz-Wheeler
Co-Advisor- Rick S. Theriault
Sanborn students making a difference in the community

Our High school teenagers engaging in a proactive role in making our community a better place
They sacrafice time and energy to be positive role models
They tirelessly step-up to make a difference

Sanborn students have:  M.O.R.E.

M-  moral character

        O-  organized leadership

           R-   role models for others

     E-   exceptional service